• ALL VEGAN egg replacers
  • DIP into that yolky goodness
  • BLENDScreamy and smooth
  • FAT FREE cholesterol free
  • NEW!March 2015
  • TASTESLike Real French Toast
  • BAKESwith authentic eggy flavor
  • PERFECT for egg washes
  • BAKESyummy cookies and cakes
  • Delicious eggy flavor!

what is
The Vegg?


The Vegg is a 100% plant-based egg yolk replacement. Using only natural ingredients, we have created a product that replicates the taste and texture of egg yolks for use in your favorite dishes.

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With The Vegg


Learn the basics of cooking with The Vegg below or check out our favorite recipes.

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TheVegg is committed to producing delicious, healthy, plant-based foods to satisfy all your eggy cravings without ever using any eggs.

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