How to Spherify A Yolk

How To Spherify A Yolk

By: Rocky Sheppard


 1 Tbs. prepared Vegan Egg Yolk (The Vegg)

1 tsp. calcium chloride beads dissolved in

1 cup of warm water

1 cup cold water (for rinse)

NOTE: You will need to small bowls, a spoon, and a drinking glass with a 2” diameter inside bottom.

 Pour a tsp. of calcium chloride solution into glass and swish around, making sure bottom and sides are coated. Pour out into sink.

Using a measuring cup, pour 1/4” (approximately 1 Tbs.) of prepared Vegan Egg Yolk (The Vegg) into glass (being very careful to not let it contact side of glass). Let sit for 1 minute.

Fill standard sized non-measuring tsp. with calcium chloride solution. Near the top of the glass touch tip of spoon to inside of glass. Slowly lift spoon handle and let the solution drizzle down the side of the glass so as not to pour directly on yolk. Gently turn glass 45 degrees and repeat. Keep this up until top of yolk is covered with calcium chloride solution. Gently swirl the glass so the yolk spins around for 15 seconds.

Wait 2 minutes, then gently pour yolk into your hand so that the excess calcium chloride solution is poured into sink. Immediately put yolk into cold water bath for 2 minutes, Keep there until used.

TIP: If you prefer more disk shaped (realistic yolks) to spherical ones, just puncture the spherified yolk, bleed off some runny yolk and immediately submerge yolk into calcium chloride to reseal the puncture.