The Vegg Scrambled Veggs

By: Rocky Shepheard

4 gallons cold water
1 cup soy protein isolate
3 Tbs. Vegg powder
1 Tbs. nigari mixed in 1 cup hot water

Divide water equally into internal and external vessels of a large double boiler. In the internal vessel, blend in soy protein isolate and Vegg, until it is fully dissolved. Put the double boiler on high and heat (monitoring with a thermometer) until the contents of the internal pot reaches around 200F. Remove from heat. When temperature drops to 175F, stir three times and pour in the nigari solution. Cover for ten minutes.

Uncover and (cannot stress this enough) gently scoop out curd with a fine mesh wire strainer and place in freezer container after pouring off excess water. Put in freezer overnight. Thaw and use.

Heat in microwave three minutes and serve with your favorite garnish. You may alternatively fry it after it comes out of microwave. (Freezing and microwaving enhances the texture.)